Binge all episodes of TWO-MARA, the hilarious Mara-sister themed celebrity spoof web series

What if famed hollywood sisters: earnest, upbeat Kate Mara and brooding, mischievous Rooney Mara had a YouTube channel?

“Two-Mara” is a hilarious new web series that seeks to answer just that.

“Two-Mara” was created by NYC-based actor/writer/producer Sarah Skeist and stars Skeist as Kate Mara and Jewells Blackwell as Rooney Mara in a tale about the complexities of sibling love.

Each episode of the five-part “Two-Mara” series is a piece of video content from the (fake) Mara sisters' (fictitious) YouTube channel.

Well-meaning and earnest Kate tries her best to bond with her sister while the brooding, mischievous Rooney strives to derail, sabotage, and wreak havoc on her sister's plans.

Here’s all the episodes:
Kate and Rooney start a YouTube cooking show, Rooney changes the recipe! 

Kate tries her hand at unboxing videos but Rooney has a special surprise! 

Kate tries to play video games with Rooney but it turns out this game is for one player only! 

The Mara sisters try therapy, Rooney chases a squirrel

Kate tries to lead a yoga class but Rooney wonders what the "sticky, bumpy carpet things" are all about?