Lilac Queen sign to No Sleep Records

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Massachusetts shoegaze rock band Lilac Queen have announced that they have signed to No Sleep Records.

To celebrate the announcement, the band is re-releasing a new remixed and remastered version of their debut EP, “If Only,” which will also include latest single "Ouch."

Fans can stream or purchase here:
On “If Only,” Lilac Queen's wall-of-sound rhythm section juxtaposed with writhing guitar leadwork creates an atmospheric onslaught that does not beg but demands the listener's attention.

Haunting vocal duets crown the work; carefully accentuating the melodies buried beneath pummeling drum and bass passages.
"There is a constant struggle between finding comfort in situations that are destructive while also feeling like you can't seem to leave because of routine. 'If only' is written from just that. We tried our best to keep the feelings honest and real while making sure we respected our own privacy in these continuously tiring efforts in breaking the habit of always going back," Lilac Queen said. "We wanted to rip the Band-Aid off our dark times as quickly as we could to see if we could heal and progress." 
The band said, "You know when you wake up from a dream and you can't figure out whether it's real or not? Well that's sort of what it's felt like signing to No Sleep Records. Every day we wake up and are always absolutely shocked by the opportunity that has been presented to us. This is something we have hoped and worked for individually and separate for a very long time. Taking a leap of faith and staying dedicated to keeping Lilac Queen in its true nature has pushed us further thanks to the help from Chris. We're very excited to venture deeper and brighter into an untold future with No Sleep Records having our back. In the midst of all the chaos we're excited to watch our flowers bloom." 
Stream and purchase 'If Only' here:
Lilac Queen is Lily St. Germain (vocals/guitar), Doug DeMars (vocals/guitar), Colin McGovern (lead guitar), Billy Davis (bass) and Jesse Porter (drums)
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