DRINKTV’s hit show THE NERDY BARTENDER returned for Season 2 on May 22

“The Nerdy Bartender” was created by the beloved host of Twitch TV, Stacey Roy.

The show's premise revolves around Roy and her love for all-things nerd and pop culture.

Roy creates drinks centered around comic books, movies, and the meta-nerd lifestyle.

The libations are all pop-culture-themed that are perfectly crafted (and balanced) to make you the hit at any party.

Season 2 takes all the fun, over-the-top shenanigans of Season 1 to the next level.

From glow-in-the-dark cocktails to alcohol inhalation, snow globes to Star Trek, this season has it all. 

Here is a tasting of some of Season 2’s Themes:
  • Snow Globe - A festive cocktail that doesn't only include a Rosemary "Christmas Tree" that magically stands in the middle of the glass (flavoring the drink) but incorporates some minty Molecular Gastronomy to simulate "snow" that swirls in the cocktail!
  • Harry Potter - Love Potion This decadent cocktail will be created with one thing in mind: flavor. Obviously, what were YOU thinking? Stacey uses only the most aphrodisiacally essential ingredients to make sure both parties are ready and able on this special night, or any night, for that matter. (Guaranteed to work most of the time.)
  • Star Trek - The Next Libation - Alcohol, the best frontier. These are the creations of the Bartender: Nerdy.  Her continuing mission, to explore strange new ingredients, to seek out new cocktails and new ways to drink. 
  • Aladdin - Genie in a cocktail, baby - A genie in a bottle is great and all, but what's even better is drinking a liquid cocktail genie that's been aged for 10,000 years
  • Movies + Cocktails = Mocktails... but with booze - The ultimate showdown. Drinks made legendary by movies, or movies made legendary by cocktails? This is where we find out if they're any good! Casablanca's French 75 vs. Tom Crusie's Red Eye... 
  • Indiana Jones - Cocktail of Doom - Everyone remembers the monkey brains from Temple of Doom, but now everyone can taste them! Introducing Boozie Monkey Brains featuring ingredients that were actually used while filming!  
  • Smuggler's Run - Mobsters weren't only in Chicago or New York, us Canadians had our own "family men," and their greatest heist was of something more valuable oil, and  more rare than gold: Maple Syrup
Stacey Roy is a host, actor, media personality and owner of Whabam Media. Since 2016, her weekly shows on TheStaceyRoy Twitch TV have garnered millions of viewers all over the world. Born in Alberta Canada, Stacey has been one of the most sought after personalities in North America. Being a cosplay fan herself, Stacey’s own fans put together StaceyCon, where viewers and sponsors from all over the world gather to meet Stacey in Las Vegas.


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