Acorn TV’s FINDING JOY returns for season 2 on January 11, 2021

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The hilarious Acorn TV original comedy “Finding Joy” returns with award-winning Irish personality Amy Huberman, the exclusive U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom premieres all 6-episodes on Acorn TV January 11, 2021.

Watch the trailer that shows new characters and even more unexpected funny situations for main character Joy Morris.

Irish Film & TV Academy winner Amy Huberman (Striking Out, The Clinic) is back in the acclaimed starring role of the Acorn TV Original offbeat comedy drama series FINDING JOY as newly single thirtysomething and once stand-in lifestyle vlogger Joy Morris becomes a full-time online entrepreneur with the creation of her own video channel.  Series 2 follows Joy as she takes on new personal video challenges that she hopes will help establish her new brand of finding happiness and fulfillment in everyday life and attract many more subscribers and sponsors, which leads to wildly varying results. Created by, executive-produced and written by Huberman, FINDING JOY is a warm, irreverent show with a lot of heart and laughs as Joy struggles with life, her friends and her world.FINDING JOY, Series 2 will premiere exclusively in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom on Monday, January 11, 2021 on Acorn TV, North America’s leading streaming service devoted to British and international television. All six episodes will premiere as a binge.
Series 1 found Joy reeling from a painful breakup of a long-term relationship, but her fortunes reversed when she became an internet sensation covering for a happiness vlogger. Encouraged by her unexpected success, Joy feels that going back to her former life of spell-checking and grammar at News Today doesn’t hold much appeal, so she decides to go it alone and set up her own online vlogging channel. Based out of a slightly-too-small co-working space with just four desks, Joy’s new team is completed by Stan (Paul Reid, The Ritual) back on camera, and new-hire Emer (Ruth Kearney, Sanditon) on everything else.
Joy 2.0 is more confident than she used to be, but a new set of challenges provided by her channel and her personal life test her and teach her a valuable lesson about being there not only for herself, but for other people as well. We see Joy go back to her roots, revisiting some faces from her teen years, become one with nature in the countryside, explore motherhood, reconnect with fun cousin Maeve (Justine Mitchell), learn a bit about betrayal and forgiveness, and maybe get a bit closer to finding Joy. At times she subjects herself to a variety of outrageous – and often embarrassing – situations. Amidst the constant pressure of producing content, the glossy lifestyles she wanted starts to lose its shine. With new tarot-reading roommate, Christie (Kerry Howard, Him & Her) unable to pay rent and best friend Trish (Hannah James-Scott) needing help with her new baby, Joy’s home life isn’t any easier, but she has it all under control…kind of.

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Premieres All 6-Episodes on January 11, 2021

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